Roth Cheeseboard Gift Package


Deep in the heart of Green County, Wisconsin, is the Roth Cheese creamery where award-winning cheeses are crafted by their team of cheesemakers. This package features 4 of Roth Cheese’s favorite selections – from their signature Grand Cru® Reserve aged more than 6 months, spicy Jalapeño Havarti, tangy, yet mellow Buttermilk Blue® and crowd-pleasing Natural Smoked Gouda. With something for everybody to love, this popular package will leave your friends and family excited to make the perfect cheeseboard at home.

This package includes:

  • 1 6oz piece of Roth Grand Cru® Reserve
  • 1 6oz piece of Roth Jalapeño Havarti
  • 1 4oz piece of Roth Buttermilk Blue®
  • 1 6oz piece of Roth Natural Smoked Gouda

*all weights are approximate
Availability: Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Days

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